Base Module: gets you up and running with the basics

  • Base module is required for all CutWorks seats and single-ply cutters.
  • Open/save/append files in many different formats.
  • CSV file import of simple pieces.
  • File wizards – process jobs in batches, create rules to convert files from one format to another or move files automatically.
  • Process wizards – automate steps (mouse clicks) to accelerate job preparation.
  • Edit geometry – scale pieces within a nest; remove extra points for better cut quality; combine lines within a piece for faster cutting.
  • Define and edit layers and assign separate cutting and/or annotation tools to each.

ToolPath: optimizes cutting times

  • Manually or automatically string together individual lines to form longer,continuous lines for more accurate,faster cutting.
  • Change the sequence in which parts are cut.
  • Change start points and cut direction.
  • Remove common lines to improve cutting speeds.
  • Preview how a job is programmed to cut before cutting begins.

Nesting: maximize material utilization with CutWorks’nesting tools

  • Drag and drop parts.
  • Rotate and flip parts.
  • Detect overlapped parts.
  • Cut, copy and paste parts to fill a nest.
  • Anchor parts in place to prevent single pieces from being moved.
  • Snap to grid – automatically move parts containing match points to the nearest intersection of the fabric repeat grid lines.
  • Supports piece-to-fabric and piece-to piece matching.
  • Nest parts on the cutter for real time repeat variations or bow/skew adjustments (with optional projector).
  • Multiple automatic nesting engines depending on application.