Vacuum Control for Gerber Paragon and Z1 Cutters

Gerber Paragon cutters have three add-on options for vacuum control, whereas Z1 has two levels of vacuum control.

Gerber Paragon Vaccum Control Features & Benefits:
“Vacuum Regulation” (Vac Reg):

  • Enables an operator to set and save a vacuum level for cutting to a Material Configuration file.
  • Helps to provide an optimal vacuum level for a particular fabric, instead of simply half or full suction.
  • Particularly important to clients that cut various materials, such as “Contract Cutting” facilities or Automotive seating.

“Bite Under Vacuum” (BUV):

  • Keeps the vacuum on while the cutter is advancing/biting to the next cutting window.
  • Beneficial to customers that have highly-compressible materials under vacuum, such as bedding fabrics, automotive foam laminates, and some lingerie materials
  • Greatly improves cut quality and may enable more plies to be cut. Since highly-compressible materials significantly compress under vacuum and then decompress when vacuum is released, the dynamics of this compression/decompression cycle can cause materials to shift and in some cases hit the knife bowl.

“Continuous Cut Workflow”(CCUT):

  • Utilizes both Vac Reg and BUV, ensuring the cutter does not bite during the cut.
  • Greatly increases cutter throughput with CCUT for some customers and doesn;t for others – this determination is based on the marker and geometry of cut parts; there is also a 2.5 inch/Hg (5cm) limit on cutting vacuum.

NOTE: We highly recommend a test and/or trial before this feature is sold to a customer, to avoid potential disappointment from unmet expectations.

Z1 Vaccum Control Features & Benefits:

  • Z1-1.8 cutters can be configured with the optional Productivity Pack, which includes Variable Vacuum Regulation (VVR), Continuous Workflow (CCUT), and a touch screen monitor. VVR regulates vacuum to a constant level throughout cutting. CCUT works as outlined above and can benefit customers producing larger parts.
  • Z1-2.54 and Z1-3.4 come standard with VVR. For these formats, Productivity Pack is not available as an option, but CCUT and the touch screen monitor are available as a-la-carte options.
  • All Z1 configurations allow for control of Cut, Idle, and Bite vacuum levels.