YuniquePLM FS


It is ideal for companies that want to get up and running quickly with an affordable yet scalable PLM solution.

Get up and running quickly

YuniquePLM FS edition is suitable for businesses of any size seeking to more effectively manage their product lifecycles. In most cases, companies can be operational with it in as little as three weeks.

Pre-populated with critical templates

This system is pre-populated with critical templates and industry standard data including PANTONE® TPX and TCX color palettes, measurement tables, care symbols and instructions.

Realize a rapid return on investment

YuniquePLM FS edition helps accelerate time to market, reduce development costs, ensure quality and respond to demands for more seasons and styles enabling companies to quickly realize a return on their investment.

YuniquePLM Consulting


We understand that implementing a new enterprise-wide software platform that affects all areas of your business can be a daunting task. Take comfort in the fact that we have partnered with hundreds of companies, both small and large, to implement YuniquePLM™. Throughout our 40-year history, we have developed a broad knowledge and deep expertise of the day-to-day product development process and have amassed best practices from the many successful PLM implementations we have managed.

Our experienced staff will provide insights and practical advice that will help your organization realize the full potential of your investment.

Gerber Technology’s modular product lifecycle management suite, designed for the business of fast fashion, enables organizations to embrace a PLM system at their own pace and use it to get the right products to market on time and at the right cost.

Implementation methodology

The benefits of our approach include significantly improved predictability in terms of cost, resources and timing. Whether it’s a small- or large-scale global project, our highly experienced implementation team understands the risks and challenges of implementing a PLM system. And our disciplined and proven project management methodology will help ensure its success.

Business process optimization

We will work with individuals in your organization who are most knowledgeable about your unique processes to identify and map the existing processes in your product development lifecycle. Once “current state” processes have been identified, we apply our knowledge of industry best practices to develop practical “future state” processes that will work best with the systems and the people in your organization.

Risk management

An important aspect of our project management methodology is risk management. Any project involves risk. Our approach is to identify risk early in the project lifecycle and work with your project team to mitigate those risks. The highest risks are the ones that go unidentified. Our experienced project managers not only help uncover project risks, but provide practical, proven approaches to mitigate those risks.

Custom development

Our YuniquePLM software is highly configurable. Most implementations can be successfully accomplished using the numerous configuration options that are available in our system. Where it is deemed that some custom development is needed for a particular implementation to ensure end user adoption, our development staff is ready to assist.


Organizations will invest in several best-of-class systems to accomplish different business objectives. This creates a heterogeneous IT landscape in which it is important to manage the flow of data from one system to another. A tight integration of systems to support supply chain visibility and agility is of paramount importance to a fashion company’s profitability. Our strategic partnership with Geometric Ltd. provides our customers with a unique combination of expertise. Geometric’s unique implementation methodology helps accelerate PLM integrations by 20-25 percent using a combination of tools, techniques and intellectual assets. With Geometric as a Certified Services Partner, Gerber’s PLM software suite will enable companies to link functionalities and geographies across their supply chain to enable efficiency and speed-to-market.



YuniquePLM enables organizations to connect their creative teams with their supply chain to get the right products to market, on time and at the right cost. These systems can help businesses of all sizes accelerate time to market, reduce lead time and improve margins by managing the details of line plans, tech packs and samples, and simplifying communication and collaboration with global partners.

YuniquePLM™ was developed by industry professionals with practical experience in manufacturing, ERP, product development, warehouse management, and other integrated apparel systems. Our global team provides the support and advice needed to help businesses reach their goals of becoming industry-leaders. Because YuniquePLM is designed for the fashion, apparel and retail industries, it can meet the specific needs of its clients by offering an enhanced user experience that is both intuitive and enjoyable to use. YuniquePLM is optimized for performance and is able to satisfy the needs of companies of any size, from 10 to 10,000 users. It offers flexible and seamless integration with your ERP system, as well as integration with Gerber Technology’s AccuMark® CAD software and the Adobe Suite.

Combining previously diverse and disconnected systems into a single-view for effective data management and visibility, YuniquePLM gives decision makers the ability to access the necessary information they need to make smart choices. Data is presented in a highly visual manner, providing answers to big questions at a glance that ultimately saves time that would otherwise be spent on amending or creating spreadsheets and graphs.



ComposiNest uses powerful algorithms to analyze multiple nesting solutions and deliver the one with the highest material utilization. It dramatically accelerates the marker making process and reduces costs.

Maximize material utilization

ComposiNest has been shown to improve your material utilization by as much as four percent using advanced nesting algorithms.

Reduce labor costs

With ComposiNest automated nesting software, you can automatically generate nests 24 hours a day without human intervention to meet peak production demands without additional labor costs.


ComposiNest automated nesting software seamlessly imports and exports data files from industry standard CAD software, including DXF, NC and IGES files.

AccuNest Automated Nesting Software


AccuNest™ uses powerful algorithms to analyze multiple nesting solutions and deliver the one with the highest material utilization. It dramatically accelerates the marker making process and reduces costs.

Calculate costs more quickly

AccuNest is much faster and more efficient than manual marker making, saving you time and money. It automatically generates costing and production markers for fast, accurate material calculations.

Maximize quality control

AccuNest respects all material constraints applied to pieces such as directional rotation, tilt allowances and spread constraints to ensure quality and minimize costly mistakes in the cutting room.

Maximize productivity

With AccuNest, you can automatically generate nests 24 hours a day without human intervention to meet peak production demands without additional labor costs.

AccuNest is available with two levels of computing power:

AccuNest Professional Edition (PE) employs single-core computing technology to analyze multiple algorithms and deliver the optimal marker strategy without human intervention.
AccuNest Multi-Core (MC) harnesses the power of multiple computer processors to automatically generate markers that deliver up to 2% better material utilization than single-core systems.

AccuMark Made-to-Measure


Gerber’s AccuMark® Made-to-Measure (MTM) system helps tailors and manufacturers of custom-fitted garments deliver perfectly fitting products in record time. It is the only software solution that offers true automation from pattern modification through advanced rule-based specifications and order creation.

Accelerate delivery of custom garments

AccuMark MTM uses measurements derived from either high-tech, three-dimensional body scanners or traditional tape measures to create patterns.

Simplify your business processes

AccuMark MTM imports order information from various sources, including mainframe computers or Web pages and automatically generates and exports cut data.

Increase production efficiency

AccuMark MTM also integrates with Gerber’s AccuNest™ automated marker making system to generate markers automatically, maximizing productivity and material utilization.



The world’s leading apparel brands depend on Gerber Technology’s innovative AccuMark® software to design, develop and market their products as quickly and efficiently as possible. Now our dynamic new AccuPlan™ and AccuMark 3D modules take your speed and efficiency to a whole new level.

The next generation of AccuMark software will help you…

Work Better

Increase your throughput by up to 50%. Create efficient spread and cut plans that fit with your unique production environment. Powerful, but flexible: AccuPlan makes the most of your existing marker library to optimize your workflow while saving labor and material cost.

Work Faster

Cut your development time by two weeks. Save steps and reduce errors using smart patternmaking tools in AccuMark 10.1. Easily communicate design details and information outside of AccuMark using new integration tools with YuniquePLM™.

Work Smarter

Reduce your physical samples by up to 50%. By visualizing your samples in AccuMark 3D, you can make design decisions quickly without the time and resources it takes to make sample garment. Instantly make pattern changes and adjust image locations effortlessly on the virtual sample.
The numbers don’t lie, and with numbers like that AccuMark software gives you the ultimate competitive advantage

The world’s most intelligent pattern design, grading, marker making, and production planning software

  • Place complex markers automatically using piece placement rules with AccuNest™.
  • Share piece and marker information instantly with YuniquePLM™.
  • Choose the right file every time using the data preview pane in AccuMark Explorer.
  • Drive digital printing with fabric and trim images on pattern pieces.
  • Run on the latest operating system, Windows 10

AccuMark Explorer

  • Add more information to your zip files, including 3D components and measure charts.
  • Generate a bill of materials (BOM) from your model files to share with PLM or other non-AccuMark users.
  • See a sketch preview of the model to better identify data.
  • Easily install AccuMark on a large number of systems with the new silent installation program.

Easy Marking.

  • Identify active sizes to reduce errors in marker ordering.
  • Bookmark revisions in the marker and revert to different layouts at any time.
  • Define the width of the piece perimeter lines in the marker for ContourVision.
  • Automatically save the marker layout and never lose your work again!

Easy Plan

  • Create your plan with only the sizes needed, including altered sizes
  • Generate reports from your finished cut plans to share information outside of Easy Plan.
  • Automate your cut planning process using a watch directory to import files.
  • Increase calculation capabilities for larger cut orders.

Pattern Design

  • Style level changes make pattern changes even easier with editable pleats and fullness.
  • Color management profiles are identified when images are placed to assist in color matching in digital printing.
  • Store measurements from any size, including altered sizes, in measure charts.
  • Identify cut sequences line-by-line on pieces to optimize cutting and reduce recuts.

Seamless Data Integration Between CAD and Cutting Rooms

Gerber’s AccuMark® pattern design and marker making software, automated spreading systems and Paragon™ cutter are integrated to share data seamlessly. With this advanced communication capability, organizations can improve productivity, eliminate errors caused by manual data entry and provide managers clear visibility to track work in process more effectively.

How it Works

Use AccuMark to Generate a Cut Plan
Users generate a cut plan very quickly using AccuMark’s Easy Plan module. Simply input model sizes, quantities, colors and fabric types or import these details from your ERP system. Easy Plan creates the cut plan automatically and generates all marker files needed. Users can interactively edit cut plan results.

Make Markers Automatically or Interactively.
When making markers, users have a choice. They can either place pieces manually or send markers to AccuNest™ for completely automated marker making. AccuNest employs powerful algorithms to analyze multiple nesting solutions and deliver the one with the highest material utilization.

AccuMark Generates a Cut Ticket with Barcode Containing Details for Each Spread.
AccuMark generates a cut ticket report and a barcode containing the marker name, material type and color, and number of plies needed for each spread in the work order.

Spreader Operator Scans the Barcode to Retrieve Spread Details.
The spreader operator simply scans the barcode and retrieves all necessary information to prepare the spread job including number of plies, spread length and spreading mode.

Paragon Cutter Operator Scans the Barcode to Retrieve the File to be Cut.
When the spread is complete, the spreading system’s wireless barcode printer generates a barcode label to attach to the top ply of the spread. The spread then travels to the Paragon cutter. The cutter operator scans the barcode to retrieve the proper cut file. This eliminates the possibility of cutting an incorrect marker and wasting costly material.

Managers Access Metrics that Matter to Track Work in Process.
After cutting the job, the Paragon system generates a report detailing the number of units cut (“metrics that matter”). With this information, managers are able to compare the details of the job cut with the original AccuMark Easy Plan cut ticket and track work in progress more accurately.