Veith System – PinIT Software


PinIT is the software for supporting and guiding the matching process around the VEITH Pin Table. It supports woven fabric application as well as knitwear applications.

PinIT is software that is designed to support the work of the Veith Pin Table system. Veith bases this software on more than 30 years of experience working with checks, stripes and patterns.


PinIT is the necessary tool for successfully planning markers on a CAD-system according to a particular repeat

Fabric Registration

PinIT guides a user through measuring the repeat and other necessary data. The software collects the date in the correct way and avoids typical faults. At the same time PinIT ensures getting the data in a sufficient accurate quality.

Reduce Fabric Consumption

PinIT only allows precise data towards planning a correct marker for matching requirements. Once this is calculated blocking can be omitted, which will reduce fabric consumption in the end. PinIT delivers this necessary precision highly accurately.

Veith System – Pin Table Flat KT Type


The Veith System Pin Table for flat knitted fabrics is specialised for matching garment fabrics manufacturing and offers a particularly designed system to support the spreading and matching of flat knitted fabrics in multiple plies.

Design Ethics

This particular VEITH Pin Table for flat knitted fabrics is based on the standard model of the VEITH Pin TABLE used for woven fabrics.

Forget about Limitations

The design of the VEITH Pin Table allows to position the needle bars lengthwise at any required position without any limitation of a grid.


A gear-rack mechanic makes sure that the needle bars will always stay in a perpendicular position.

All these features make this VEITH Pin Table an ideal tool, which can be used in a very flexible and universal way. It is especially designed to deal with the difficult nature of tubular knitted fabrics (open width).

Veith System – Pin Table KT Type


The Veith Pin Table KT-Type for woven fabrics has a Global standard and is designed for controlling the process of matching and spreading fabrics with plaids, patterns and stripes.

Highly Adjustable Work Space

A flexible system, which allows to adjust needle bar positions even after having started spreading, i.e. it allows to react on too much looseness – or – to react on too much tension.

Make every cut count

Immediate fine cutting (net cutting) after spreading – no relaying.

Do it all with one system

Implementing a clear top-down organization for spreading and matching of checked (plaid) and striped fabrics – high efficient engineered industrial process – from fabric registration – through marker making – through spreading and matching – until cutting.