Increase efficiency

  • Powerful digital cut ticket provides all the spreading and marking information to the Gerber Paragon® cutter.
  • Robust database written in SQL Server.
  • Uses a powerful Marker Library, a statistical database built from sets of previously made markers.
  • Marker Generator: Ability to automatically generate multiple marker bundle combinations.
  • Uses AccuNest™ to draft markers on the fly, obtaining estimated length and efficiency information for pre-approvals.
  • Combine multiple fabric widths and colorways.
  • Improved work order workflow by eliminating the need for external programs such as Excel® sheets.
  • Offers matching and pant drops capabilities, as well as a more intelligent cut plan algorithm for specific product and fabric types (e.g. plaids and stripes and men’s suits).
  • Offers functionality to visualize how spreads are allocated to the cutting tables, allowing users to
    manage spreads in the cutting room more efficiently.
  • Seamless communication with other Gerber products: AccuMark and AccuNest.
  • AccuPlan interface is intuitive and easy to use.
  • Plan based on roll availability.

Improve productivity

  • Import multiple cut work orders from ERP systems, speeding up the process of cut planning containing multiple styles, fabrics and colors, and marker generation.
  • Generate reports from finished cut plans to easily communicate results.
  • Cut Plan Statistics is a quick way to provide up-to-date information about spread and cut plan solutions at a glance.
  • Barcodes have been incorporated to marking and spreading instructions to properly communicate with spreaders and cutters.
  • Powerful Production Tracker Report that records work orders history providing a live status of each statefrom planning to cutting.
  • Export Cutplan Reports back to ERP.