Normal Tables


Caron Technology spreading tables are suitable for manual spreading and for all kinds of Caron spreaders.

Holding table structure powder painted, table legs every 75 cm with adjustable feet, strong galvanized spreader rails mounted on both side of the table and a double operator platform rail, assure a sturdy table construction.

The 3 cm table top made in “noble fibre” rimmed in ABS (resistant rigid plastic) assures fabric fluidity, table shock-resistance and long working life. The power feeding system can be installed on pre-drilled holes on both side of the table. The table tops are sectioned in standard modules of 150 cm in length. Different Heights available

Optimize material utilization

The GERBERspreader XLs system accurately aligns fabric edges so users can nest parts closer to the beginning, end and edges of the spread, eliminating end loss and optimizing material utilization.

Choose the flexible solution

The GERBERspreader XLs system spreads woven or knit materials from either rolls or flat folded packs. Optional end catcher device accommodates face up one way or face-to-face (zigzag) spreading.

Loading and unloading is simple

The fabric roll cradle feed system tilts automatically for easy material loading and unloading. The GERBERspreader XLs system features an intuitive, icon-driven user interface.

Conveyor Tables


The combination between conveyorized tables and automatic cutter provides the ideal solution for a fast and tension-free movement of the fabric lays from the spreading area to the cutting one.

Being built on the same sturdy construction of the basic spreading table, has all its features. Table top made in “PVC” band with textile internal structure is placed over a 3 cm “MDF” plane. The conveyorized spreading table speed can be synchronized to the cutter or between two conveyor tables mounted on line. Each section is equipped with a motorization kit. The automatic or semi-automatic forward or reverse belt progress is activated by a simple control panel.

Air BLowing-Vacuum Table


The air blowing table creates an air cushion over which the spreeded fabric floats in order to be moved easily.

Ideal for long tables and heavy weight material. Being built on the same sturdy structure of the basic spreading table, it has all its features. Table top made in “noble fibre” rimmed in ABS with internal “air space”, it has holes every 13 cm to ensure regular air diffusion and to avoid air wasting. The air pipe line, connected to a unique hole of 10 cm placed on the back side of each table top module, joins the table tops to the air blowing motor. One blower every 6-7 meters of air blowing table is recommended (depending on actual table width and material weight pr. square meter).

Ideal for spreading pad and quilting material, the air vacuum table can be used on all those situations where fabric lays volumes must be reduced or blocked before cutting.

It has all the features of the air blowing table but the holes on the table top that are every 6, 5 cm to ensure perfect vacuum effect. One vacuum motor, placed inside a metallic soundproof box, is recommendable for 6 meters of table. Air vacuum and blowing can be combined on a unique table

Manual Transfer Table


The manual transfer table on wheels allows the spreader to be moved between two spreading lines.

It increases cutting room efficiency and is the ideal solution when facilities dimensions are not proportional to the actual productivity needs. Built on the same sturdy structure of the basic spreading table. Easy-to-do hooking and unhooking operations granted by dedicated connections.


  • Manual transfer table on rotation wheels;
  • Manual transfer table on rails;
  • Motorized transfer table.

Needles Table


The needle table is designed to spread squared and stripes fabrics allowing a perfect symmetry of the cut patterns.

It can be part of the spreading line (optional) or placed at the end of it (standard). The needles table is made of a sturdy holding structure with adjustable feet, a table top and a lower internal plane. The 2, 5 cm table top with its white laminated surface, rimmed in ABS, has holes every 10 cm. The motorized lower plane allows the needles ascent and descent. Table is equipped with 20 needles available on five different diameters: 1 – 1, 2 – 1, 6 – 1, 8 and 2 mm. Customized holes pitch on request.