Gerber Technology – Gerber Plotter SP


The GERBERplotter™ SP Series is ideal for use in design centers and in-house design departments. You can use it to output pattern pieces for verification and print small markers for visualization purposes.

Reduce costs

GERBERplotter SP Series plotters plot and cut quickly, streamlining design and reducing costs.

Maximize efficiency

GERBERplotter SP Series plotters are compatible with Gerber AccuMark® and Silhouette™ systems.

Save floor space

GERBERplotter SP Series plotters are designed to fit in small spaces, saving valuable floor space.

Gerber Technology – Gerber Plotter MP


Hard-working, intelligent and easy-to-use, this plotter is made to perform—and built to bolster your bottom line. Re-engineered with innovative design enhancements, the GERBERplotter™ MP Series stands ready to meet the most challenging workflow demands, delivering enhanced reliability, advanced performance and a maximum ROI.

Reliability on Display

  • Precision crafted aluminum and injection molded parts designed to withstand even the toughest manufacturing environments.
  • A sealed structure minimizes contamination that can cause wear on critical parts over time, while innovative engineering enhancements minimize moving parts and consolidate circuitry to reduce potential failure points.
  • Screw-less side panel allows easy access to critical components for easy serviceability.
  • Specially designed feet on the back of each leg prevent the head cover from hitting an adjacent wall when lifted, preventing damage to both the wall and the plotter.

Return on Investment

  • The MP Series can reliably print on paper as light as 20 grams, representing materials savings of over 50% compared to standard 35 pound paper that other plotters require.
  • Our low-cost, easy-to-use preventative maintenance kit can help keep your production up and running smoothly.
  • Seamlessly integrates with AccuMark® and WinPlot software, reducing your training time and associated costs.
  • Designed for use with HP45A inkjet cartridges or Gerber’s exclusive Ultra ink, the MP Series can save you even more, eliminating the need for overpriced, less accessible cartridges.

Performance on a Roll

  • Produce as many as 180 meters per hour for full widths at 300 dpi resolution with high-speed plotting
  • Save on load time, as paper clips on the take-up bar eliminate taping while the automatic paper feeder measures the perfect starting length
  • Prevent clogging with an automated printhead cleaning system that uses an optional printhead parking station to clean heads after every job
  • A specially designed paper cutter makes transitions between print jobs quick and clean.
  • The small workplace footprint allows you to conveniently position the unit against any flat wall.
  • Quiet operating volume of less than 40 dB.
  • Easy-to-read LED control screen keeps a wide range of reports and diagnostics—including job status, meters cut, and ink consumption—at your fingertips.
  • LED maintenance indicators boldly display the machine’s status, including when preventative maintenance needs to be performed.
  • Easily monitor your plotter with your Windows® PC using remote diagnostics and messaging.
  • Conveniently load paper with an easy-to-load roller that’s positioned low to the floor, making it easy for one person to perform efficiently.
  • Optional heavy duty take-up bar that can hold 100 lbs. of paper.

Gerber Technology – Gerber Digitizer


The GERBERdigitizer™ enables you to trace your existing hard patterns for use in AccuMark® and other pattern design software systems. Patterns are immediately available for modification.

Digitize patterns easily

The GERBERdigitizer workstation is the easiest, fastest digitizing system on the market today. It consists of a digitizing table, basic menu and a 16-button cursor to capture the perimeter of your patterns.

Speed up your design process

When your patterns exist in AccuMark, you can quickly create new patterns, modify existing ones and then send pattern data electronically to business partners.

Share critical information

With the GERBERdigitizer, you can include details about each pattern piece, such as types and location of notches or instructions for the GERBERcutter® system.

Protect your investment

Once your patterns are safely stored in AccuMark, you will have an electronic repository of your pattern data to minimize loss in the event of a disaster.

Gerber Technology – Accuscan Pattern Digitizing


AccuScan™ converts hard patterns to digital for use in Gerber’s AccuMark® pattern design, grading and marker making software system. Users can capture patterns with a high-quality digital camera or scanner.

Digitize patterns quickly

With AccuScan, you can scan patterns made with pattern board, oak tag, plastic or paper. You can digitize multiple patterns simultaneously, and the process is typically 20-50 percent faster than digitizing manually.

Make changes on the fly

AccuScan can be added to an existing AccuMark system or installed on a standalone computer. Once patterns are digitized, users can easily edit and grade them with AccuMark’s powerful functionality.

Get to work right away

AccuScan’s interface is simple and intuitive so even users with little computer experience can operate it easily. It automatically detects notches, grain lines, internal lines, drill holes and the part perimeter.

Gerber Technology – Silhouette Table


You use the patented Silhouette™ table just like a tablet: draw or trace images onto it, and they are automatically converted to digital patterns which can then be used to make markers/nests instantly.

Design faster and better

Draw in full scale on the Silhouette table, and the system will size it to fit your computer screen. Pin pieces of garments or samples to the tabletop and trace the pattern shapes directly into the system.

Make changes on the fly

Input fit adjustments from the sample to computerized patterns by tracing directly onto the Silhouette table. Automatically revise seam allowances and/or grading after pattern modifications.

Put the power of Gerber to work for you

Exchange information with a wide range of CAD systems through Gerber’s AccuMark® pattern design, grading, and marker making software.