Gerber Technology Announces Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Retooling Package

The software, hardware and consulting package accelerates the transition to facilitate immediate PPE production.

 New York, New York, USA, April 29, 2020 – Continuing to support the alleviation of global shortage of medical and consumer personal protective equipment (PPE), Gerber Technology is now empowering manufacturers to accelerate PPE production by offering a PPE Retooling Package. The package includes an end-to-end suite of software and a specially configured PPE Edition Gerber Paragon® cutter with optimized cutting parameters that allow manufacturers to produce up to 150,000 medical gowns and 6 million non-medical masks per week. The package also includes PPE patterns, tech packs, and a regulatory consulting package for rapid conversion of conventional sewn goods production to PPE. The Gerber PPE Retooling Package will help manufacturers seamlessly convert their supply chain allowing them to quickly, efficiently, and sustainably manufacture quality PPE.

“We are dedicated to making our customers successful in every way possible as they navigate through these unprecedented times, to save lives and jobs,” said Leonard Marano, Vice President of Product Management & Marketing for Automation Solutions at Gerber Technology. “Since PPE materials are technical and complicated to work with, we want to ensure our customers have everything they need to make their transition to PPE production as smooth, efficient, and fast as possible.”

Materials used for PPE are complex and often require several materials to be layered together to meet regulations and compliance. In order for manufacturers to successfully transition to efficient PPE production at scale, they will need to make significant changes to the setup of their workflow. The Gerber PPE Retooling Package will simplify the transition through a pre-packaged set of options including vacuum regulation and cutting parameters, essential spare parts, 2D/3D CAD and PLM software to ensure accuracy and efficiency, and support from Gerber’s knowledgeable experts. By leveraging the Gerber consulting package, retooling your production can take less than one week and results in less wasted material than ‘learning by doing’.

“Since March, we have helped over 1,200 companies worldwide optimize their supply chains for PPE production by providing production-ready patterns and files, sharing best practices and connecting our global network of manufacturers and suppliers,” said Michelle Steenvoorden, Vice President, Professional Services and Technical Lead on Gerber’s PPE Task Force. “We know exactly what it takes to produce high-quality, sustainable products that are effective, and help companies retool as quickly as possible for maximum impact.”

People all around the world are currently at high risk of contracting COVID-19 due to the shortage of PPE for both medical and consumer use. Earlier this year, Gerber created the PPE Task Force and Manufacturer Matchmaking Program which is helping manufacturers produce 150+ million masks and several million gowns per week, saving hundreds of millions of lives and securing countless jobs around the world. The Gerber PPE Retooling Package will help further increase manufacturing capacity.

Gerber Technology Helps with PPE Production from Gerber Technology on Vimeo.

Intamarket Technology drives Gerber’s PPE Task Force initiative locally to increase production of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


Helping companies make the move to PPE manufacturing.

 In what is an unprecedented global emergency where COVID-19 inexorably continues to spread, companies around the world need to band together, think creatively, and act fast to protect all people, but especially our healthcare workers, where the shortage of masks and other personal protective equipment needed to keep them safe is a global concern.

Based on its successful initiative in China, Gerber Technology has created a PPE Task Force of experts to help companies increase their production or transition into producing PPE by sharing best practices, offering support, and providing resources such as pattern data, cut files, markers, and tech packs for masks, technical suits, gowns and caps as well as sign and graphics templates such as labels.

More than 300 manufacturers, including major global companies, rely on Gerber’s advanced software, hardware solutions and expertise to produce protective masks and other PPE. Over the last few months, Gerber has helped several customers transition into producing these much needed medical supplies, including Shanghai Challenge Textile Co., Ltd, BELLA + CANVAS, Hickey Freeman, Taglio Marchesini, and most recently Hardwire, LLC, where adding two new Gerber Paragon® multi-ply cutting solutions with CutWorks® software, as well as CutWorks® to their existing machines, is allowing them to produce tens of thousands of face shields per day.

As the authorised distributor of Gerber Technology in South Africa for over 40 years, Intamarket Technology has been driving and supporting the Gerber Task Force initiative locally and has appealed to customers with sewing or cutting capacity to get involved by firstly considering excess or scrap fabric currently in stock that can be rolled out into healthcare garments such as gowns, masks, caps, aprons, surgical covers, uniforms, and other PPE desperately needed by hospitals and healthcare workers. Then, assisted by Intamarket’s knowledgeable applications specialists and through Gerber Technology portals, Accumark® 3D and Pattern Design Marking and Grading Software, patterns of the essential items are quickly made up. The response has been overwhelmingly positive and the Intamarket team has been assisting interested customers by offering guidance on how to optimise production, and providing the necessary resources and support for PPE manufacturing.

With warehouses in Durban, Sandton and Cape Town, and through the Intamarket Group’s  Medical division, Intamed, the Company is geared to supply Hospital Groups and Healthcare Facilities  nationwide. Intamarket Group’s Capital Hotels have partnered with Discovery Health to provide isolation facilities and Intamarket Graphics are supplying much needed Perspex and PET protective shields to companies.

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Gerber Revolutionizes 3D Workflow with New February 2020 Release of AccuMark®

Gerber is proud to announce the February 2020 release of their robust software platform, AccuMark®, AccuMark 3D, AccuNest™ and AccuPlan™, which continues to revolutionize the industry by digitizing the supply chain from 3D design right through production, making product development and production even faster, more efficient and sustainable. Already applauded by customers, the new release makes developing production-ready garments quick and easy with powerful 2D-to-3D integration and increased digital printing capabilities. AccuMark February 2020 also streamlines production with tight integration between cut planning software and the customer’s ERP system. Whether the customer is creating customized, made-to-measure or mass-produced garments, AccuMark February 2020 accelerates time to market, improves fabric consumption, and dramatically cuts costs.

“The February 2020 release of AccuMark opens up a whole new world of design opportunities. It’s so easy to create customized suits and other garments, and it’s fun,” said Darren Beaman of Adrian Jules.

“After speaking with our customers, we found that they were spending millions of dollars and countless hours making thousands of samples per year,” said Melissa Rogers, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Software at Gerber. “So for this release, we completely enhanced our 3D workflow so that our customers could validate their designs without spending valuable time and money making physical samples, for a truly streamlined and efficient workflow.”

The AccuMark February 2020 release will help exceed consumers expectations of speed, sustainability, and quality by decreasing lead time from 3 weeks to 48 hours while reducing material waste by as much as 40%. The new release will empower on-demand manufacturing like never before with improved digital printing capabilities and true-to-life virtual samples, making ideas production ready 60% faster than manual processes.

“The ability to develop 3D production-ready samples, with the correct fit and the cost estimation, has allowed me to reduce the number of physical samples I have to make from 20 to 5, saving me about 75% in development time,” said Beaman.

Brands, retailers, and manufacturers of all sizes will see major improvements in their production process as well with up to 25% fabric savings thanks to the powerful duo of Gerber’s automated nesting solution, AccuNest, and powerful cut planning software, AccuPlan.

“AccuPlan enables us to speed up the process of breaking down purchase orders and fully automate the marking and cutting process,” said Jenny Yu of Superior Uniform. “This helps eliminate human data entry errors, which allows us more time to focus on creativity, pattern design, and customer satisfaction. We now can process 10 tickets in 1 minute when it used to take 7 minutes!”

The newest addition to the AccuMark legacy offers enhanced 3D capabilities that will allow designers to edit directly in the 3D workspace, completely streamlining the design and development process. Users will be able to visualize their entire collection in multiple fabric options and colorways while validating style and fit, using the same model, without ever having to make a single physical sample.

“The new tools around colorways and 3D editing streamline the design workflow all the way to production,” said Tobe Bashor of Digital Performance Gear. “Our designers can use the concise image functionality in 3D to quickly align graphic placement, export shareable renders to confirm design approval, and generate color-accurate print files. The February 2020 release is a step up and a game changer.”

Vacuum Control for Gerber Paragon and Z1 Cutters

Vacuum Control for Gerber Paragon and Z1 Cutters

Gerber Paragon cutters have three add-on options for vacuum control, whereas Z1 has two levels of vacuum control.

Gerber Paragon Vaccum Control Features & Benefits:
“Vacuum Regulation” (Vac Reg):

  • Enables an operator to set and save a vacuum level for cutting to a Material Configuration file.
  • Helps to provide an optimal vacuum level for a particular fabric, instead of simply half or full suction.
  • Particularly important to clients that cut various materials, such as “Contract Cutting” facilities or Automotive seating.

“Bite Under Vacuum” (BUV):

  • Keeps the vacuum on while the cutter is advancing/biting to the next cutting window.
  • Beneficial to customers that have highly-compressible materials under vacuum, such as bedding fabrics, automotive foam laminates, and some lingerie materials
  • Greatly improves cut quality and may enable more plies to be cut. Since highly-compressible materials significantly compress under vacuum and then decompress when vacuum is released, the dynamics of this compression/decompression cycle can cause materials to shift and in some cases hit the knife bowl.

“Continuous Cut Workflow”(CCUT):

  • Utilizes both Vac Reg and BUV, ensuring the cutter does not bite during the cut.
  • Greatly increases cutter throughput with CCUT for some customers and doesn;t for others – this determination is based on the marker and geometry of cut parts; there is also a 2.5 inch/Hg (5cm) limit on cutting vacuum.

NOTE: We highly recommend a test and/or trial before this feature is sold to a customer, to avoid potential disappointment from unmet expectations.

Z1 Vaccum Control Features & Benefits:

  • Z1-1.8 cutters can be configured with the optional Productivity Pack, which includes Variable Vacuum Regulation (VVR), Continuous Workflow (CCUT), and a touch screen monitor. VVR regulates vacuum to a constant level throughout cutting. CCUT works as outlined above and can benefit customers producing larger parts.
  • Z1-2.54 and Z1-3.4 come standard with VVR. For these formats, Productivity Pack is not available as an option, but CCUT and the touch screen monitor are available as a-la-carte options.
  • All Z1 configurations allow for control of Cut, Idle, and Bite vacuum levels.

New Gerber platform for “purchase-activated” fashion

New Gerber platform for “purchase-activated” fashion

Apparel software and systems supplier Gerber Technology has launched a new fashion platform that offers a complete package to set-up a “purchase-activated” fashion model.

FashionTech Platform 1.0 has been launched to address the challenge of personalistion due to changing consumer expectations and needs, the company says.

It includes software, equipment and consulting for a digitally integrated e-commerce and on-demand design to print, cut and sew micro-factory operation. The first installation will be implemented in partnership with OnPoint Manufacturing in Florence, Alabama and PAAT, Inc in Nashville, Tennessee.
“Our eco-system, the expertise of our people and recent advances in our technology are enabling us to deliver value to our customers, helping them to achieve the countless benefits of a demand generated micro-factory,” says Karsten Newbury, SVP and GM of Software at Gerber. “To effectively achieve this concept you need a strong knowledge base and products that can digitally integrate the design through production workflow with speed and efficiency.”

Gerber says FashionTech Platform 1.0 eliminates costly inventory and re-defines just-in-time manufacturing, so production adjusts as demands fluctuate – allowing products to be produced more efficiently and sold at full retail price without heavy discounting.

The platform includes an e-commerce virtual try-on application developed by Avametric, and the complete set of Gerber’s Digital Solutions tools including the newest software releases of YuniquePLM, a cloud-based product lifecycle management software, and AccuMark, a pattern design, grading, marker making and production planning software as well as AccuMark 3D.

Data will be transmitted directly to the micro-factory environment where the optimised marker files from AccuMark will drive a digital printer to print and continuously feed finished textiles to a GerberCutter Z1 with CountourVision. A combination of robotic and lean loop sewing operations will be deployed depending upon apparel finishing requirements.



Gerber Acquires MCT Digital Integrating Two Histories of Innovation in Automated Cutting & Finishing

Attend the Press Conference at the SGIA Expo in Las Vegas at Booth #417, 4:15 pm on Oct. 18 to Learn More
TOLLAND, CONN., USA, Oct. 1, 2018 – Gerber Technology announced today that it has acquired MCT Digital, adding modular laser cutting technology to their existing industrial strength finishing solution hardware and software portfolio. The addition of MCT’s high-end large format cutting builds on Gerber’s heritage in the sign & graphics and packaging industries, as well as giving Gerber a key technology platform to serve its industrial markets.

MCT and Gerber are both recognized as pioneers providing integrated software and hardware solutions. Their track records of 30 and 50 years respectively have delivered innovative technologies that has transformed the way their customers work. Gerber invented automated cutting in 1968 and the company continues to create the world’s most integrated design and production ecosystem of hardware and software in the apparel, home and leisure, and transportation markets.

Gerber also revolutionized the way vinyl was designed and cut in the sign and graphics space with the introduction of OMEGA™ software and GERBER EDGE® thermal transfer printer. Likewise, Steen Mikkelsen, CEO of MCT Digital, was directly responsible for the introduction of today’s print-to-cut workflow in the sign & graphics and packaging industries with his development of the i-cut® software. In 2016, MCT launched their current cutting system including proprietary laser cutting technology, winning product of the year at that year’s SGIA.

“The product leadership, engineering and technical knowledge of these two companies creates countless opportunities to help our customers improve their productivity, streamline their workflows and improve overall efficiency,” said Scott

Schinlever, president and chief operating officer, Automation Solutions for Gerber Technology. Gerber’s financial strength, global service and support network and long-standing customer relationships, coupled with MCT’s portfolio of print-to cut software and finishing technology, has the company well positioned to empower their customers in the many markets it serves, and to also position them to fully exploit high-speed digital printing which continues to change many industries.

“We are very excited about combining our technology platform with Gerber’s global scale to drive growth,” said Nik Mikkelson, founder and CTO, MCT Digital. “The passion, focus and culture of our two companies are very well aligned and will maintain the same standard of excellence our customers expect, and our employees’ deliver.”

About MCT Digital, Inc
MCT is an integrated solutions provider of hardware and software finishing solutions for the sign and graphics and packaging markets. Located in New Berlin, Wisconsin, MCT and its leadership team have been innovating in the sign and graphics and packaging segments for over 30 years. In 1999, through his company Mikkelsen Graphic Engineering (MGE), Steen Mikkelsen launched i-cut vision for digital die cutting and in 2002, launched a version for print-to-cut workflows. In 2007, MGE was sold to Danaher’s Esko division. In 2011, Steen’s son Nik founded MCT and launched the CutGuru website for parts and consumables for finishing products. In 2016, they launched their first cutting system and launched their current high performance cutting system along with their Tiger Vision print-to-cut software,creating a seamless customer experience.

MCT sells directly in the U.S. and Canada, and through distribution in Latin America, Australia, India, New Zealand, Italy and candinavia. MCT also owns and operates – supporting 1,200+ customers worldwide with application know-how and cutting blades, router bits and cutting mats/conveyors.

About Gerber Technology
Gerber Technology delivers industry-leading software and automation solutions that help apparel and industrial customers improve their manufacturing and design processes and more effectively manage and connect the supply chain, from product development and production to retail and the end customer. Gerber serves 78,000 customers in 134 countries, including more than 100 Fortune 500 companies in apparel and accessories, home and leisure, transportation, packaging and sign and graphics. The company develops and manufactures its products from various locations in the United States and Canada and has additional manufacturing
capabilities in China. Based in Connecticut in the USA, Gerber Technology is owned by AIP, a New York based, global private equity firm specializing in the technology sector and has more than $3.0 billion assets under management.

Gerber Acquires Avametric press release


Gerber Technology Acquires Avametric, Deepens Investment to Provide
End-to-End 3D Solution For Fashion Industry

TOLLAND, CONN., USA, Oct. 4, 2018 – Gerber Technology announced today that it has acquired San Francisco based Avametric.  Avametric develops the world’s leading cloth simulation technology and enables fashion brands to deliver highly accurate 3D renderings of their products on customizable avatars for e-commerce and augmented reality (AR) applications.

This move will position Gerber as the leader in 3D for the fashion and apparel industry. The acquisition follows 12 months of collaboration between the companies after Gerber announced in November 2017 they would be integrating Avametric’s fabric simulation engine into their AccuMark® 3D platform.

“Avametric’s strengths and capabilities are the perfect complement to our fully integrated software portfolio. They have the industry’s best talent pool of scientists, designers and developers for 3D,” said Karsten Newbury, SVP and GM of Software at Gerber Technology. “Our team and many of our customers had already recognized Avametric has the best fabric simulation engine in the industry and now we are able to connect consumer-facing virtual try-on software with our AccuMark and YuniquePLM platforms to deliver an end-to-end workflow. This allows our customers to provide their consumers personalized products “on demand”. The deal will also help us to continue to accelerate our 3D developments for our large user base globally –  helping them to significantly increase speed and productivity of the creative and development process.”

Interest in 3D is growing with over 60 percent of global fashion and apparel companies planning to adopt 3D technology within the next three years according to a recent survey Gerber conducted with their global customer base. The interest is driven by a need for speed, efficiency and a personalized consumer experience. Technology has become a key competitive differentiator with rapidly  fashion trends and consumer expectations.

“Consumers are looking to buy online, but they are still going into brick and mortar stores because they lack confidence in the fit they see virtually,” said Ari Bloom CEO, Avametric. “We believe a transformation is under way as consumers are adopting a virtual try-on experience that accurately portrays the fit they are looking for and our partnership with Gerber is helping us to bridge this confidence gap. Combined with the AccuMark suite and other Gerber products, we can now offer customers a personalized, on-demand shopping experience that significantly compresses the time to market. We are really excited about this opportunity to join an industry leader and make transformative changes.”

The Avametric announcement was made to industry leaders at Gerber’s 20th annual ideation tech conference. Transformation was the core topic as Gerber highlighted key trends in the fashion supply chain like the need to enable speed and personalization, driven by the digitalization of the fashion supply chain.
Gerber also made other key announcements including:

  • The launch of a cloud-based subscription program in North America for AccuMark, the industry leading pattern design, grading, marker making and production software.
  • The launch of YuniquePLM V8 cloud software, which includes a completely new and highly intuitive user interface.
  • The launch of additional subscription options early in 2019 allowing users to bundle together Gerber’s software products as subscriptions (SaaS), making their solutions accessible and affordable for everyone, from start-up to full scale global fashion and apparel brands.
  • A partnership with ExactFlat for non-apparel applications, integrating AccuMark allowing a user to open any 3D model and convert 3D to 2D patterns which can be passed into and modified in AccuMark.

About Avametric

Avametric is a San Francisco based software development company recognized as an industry thought leader in the fashion-fit technology space. In addition to developing the first consumer facing Augmented Reality fit technology mobile app, Avametric designs tools and services that bridge the online and offline customer experience with the intention of making it easier for every customer to find the perfect fit.

About Gerber Technology
Gerber Technology delivers industry-leading software and automation solutions that help apparel and industrial customers improve their manufacturing and design processes and more effectively manage and connect the supply chain, from product development and production to retail and the end customer. Gerber serves 78,000 customers in 134 countries, including more than 100 Fortune 500 companies in apparel and accessories, home and leisure, transportation, packaging and sign and graphics. The company develops and manufactures its products from various locations in the United States and Canada and has additional manufacturing capabilities in China.


Based in Connecticut in the USA, Gerber Technology is owned by AIP, a New York based, global private equity firm specializing in the technology sector and has more than $3.0 billion assets under management.