The automatic spreader Puma with a modern design is born for combine Technology and Safety. The strong and compact structure guarantees a fast spreading, thanks also to the new cradle with an unique belt, for both the materials: light and elastic fabrics and heavier weight. It’s possible to integrate to the software and hardware other new productive technologies to improve the working conditions and increase the spreader’s performance. 

Puma is compatible with industry 4.0, in fact can be connected with a pc or tablet by Wi-fi in order to transfer spreading data and control step by step production planning more over a remote support will be possible. The spreading data in alternative can be directly sent to the spreader with a Barcode Reader. With Puma it’s possible to install a camera just to see at the same time what the machine do and which kind of material was also spread .

The new driving belt decrease the noise and avoid the maintenance work.



We have developed our Flash model considering the needs of those who prefer choosing a more affordable machine and still want to rely on a high quality spreading process. The results of our hard work are visible in this automated spreader that appears compact, versatile, and user friendly thanks to the interactive color touch screen panel able to reduce significantly the learning time.

Its new generation electronic and mechanic components enable us to spread any kind of material, and guarantee us low maintenance costs. It features an infrared anti collision security system along the entire perimeter, as well as the lowest loading point of the category in order to reduce the time spent in charging the rolls and to eliminate the need of any further loading device

Basic Technical Features

  • Automated cradle tilt system
  • Color computer touch screen with auto diagnosis system
  • Electronic control fabric tension system
  • Edges alignment thanks to the photocells placed on the moving base
  • Spreading with or without catchers
  • Guided touch or electronic operator panel lay length programming
  • One way cutter with variable speed and automatic lift
  • Maximum speed 100 m/min
  • Available spread height 160 – 180 – 200 – 220 cm
  • Maximum roll weight 60 kg, Diameter 60 cm



Base Module: gets you up and running with the basics

  • Base module is required for all CutWorks seats and single-ply cutters.
  • Open/save/append files in many different formats.
  • CSV file import of simple pieces.
  • File wizards – process jobs in batches, create rules to convert files from one format to another or move files automatically.
  • Process wizards – automate steps (mouse clicks) to accelerate job preparation.
  • Edit geometry – scale pieces within a nest; remove extra points for better cut quality; combine lines within a piece for faster cutting.
  • Define and edit layers and assign separate cutting and/or annotation tools to each.

ToolPath: optimizes cutting times

  • Manually or automatically string together individual lines to form longer,continuous lines for more accurate,faster cutting.
  • Change the sequence in which parts are cut.
  • Change start points and cut direction.
  • Remove common lines to improve cutting speeds.
  • Preview how a job is programmed to cut before cutting begins.

Nesting: maximize material utilization with CutWorks’nesting tools

  • Drag and drop parts.
  • Rotate and flip parts.
  • Detect overlapped parts.
  • Cut, copy and paste parts to fill a nest.
  • Anchor parts in place to prevent single pieces from being moved.
  • Snap to grid – automatically move parts containing match points to the nearest intersection of the fabric repeat grid lines.
  • Supports piece-to-fabric and piece-to piece matching.
  • Nest parts on the cutter for real time repeat variations or bow/skew adjustments (with optional projector).
  • Multiple automatic nesting engines depending on application.



Increase efficiency

  • Powerful digital cut ticket provides all the spreading and marking information to the Gerber Paragon® cutter.
  • Robust database written in SQL Server.
  • Uses a powerful Marker Library, a statistical database built from sets of previously made markers.
  • Marker Generator: Ability to automatically generate multiple marker bundle combinations.
  • Uses AccuNest™ to draft markers on the fly, obtaining estimated length and efficiency information for pre-approvals.
  • Combine multiple fabric widths and colorways.
  • Improved work order workflow by eliminating the need for external programs such as Excel® sheets.
  • Offers matching and pant drops capabilities, as well as a more intelligent cut plan algorithm for specific product and fabric types (e.g. plaids and stripes and men’s suits).
  • Offers functionality to visualize how spreads are allocated to the cutting tables, allowing users to
    manage spreads in the cutting room more efficiently.
  • Seamless communication with other Gerber products: AccuMark and AccuNest.
  • AccuPlan interface is intuitive and easy to use.
  • Plan based on roll availability.

Improve productivity

  • Import multiple cut work orders from ERP systems, speeding up the process of cut planning containing multiple styles, fabrics and colors, and marker generation.
  • Generate reports from finished cut plans to easily communicate results.
  • Cut Plan Statistics is a quick way to provide up-to-date information about spread and cut plan solutions at a glance.
  • Barcodes have been incorporated to marking and spreading instructions to properly communicate with spreaders and cutters.
  • Powerful Production Tracker Report that records work orders history providing a live status of each statefrom planning to cutting.
  • Export Cutplan Reports back to ERP.