“S” Line is dedicated to flexible materials different from the standard fabric, as Foam, technical textile etc. LION “S” hold all the characteristics of the standard version adding some specific tools for these specific materials. The new axial control system CNC assures a completely accurate loading of all kinds of flexible materials, even those that are more difficult to be spread; Lion can work both, with or without the operator,and it enables you to choose between semiautomated or automated working cycles. The new graphic touch screen color icon driven operator panel, and main functions placed on the speed handle, interact directly with the operator, and they guarantee a quick learning even for less experienced users. It is possible, using the operator panel, either to program manually the material length and number of plies to spread, or to use the guided touch spread length programming. Lion can memorize different optimal spreading parameters based on different types of material. When change the material, the operator only has to insert the corresponding parameters in order to guarantee himself the optimal spreading.