Gerber Technology – Spreading Tables

GERBER TECHNOLOGY-SPREADING TABLES Gerber spreading tables are the ideal complement to your GERBERcutter® and most other automated cutting systems. They are available in multiple lengths and widths, with surfaces to meet your needs. Count on...

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Gerber Technology – Single Ply Material Feeder

GERBER TECHNOLOGY-SINGLE PLY MATERIAL FEEDER  Used with automated, conveyorized cutting systems, Gerber’s Single-Ply Material Feeder features an electronically-controlled cradle to accurately feed material onto the cutting surface with little or no...

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Gerber Technology – Gerber Spreader 250s

GERBER TECHNOLOGY-GERBER SPREADER 250S The GERBERspreader™ 250s helps you go big. It can handle material rolls of up to 250 kg (550 lb). Precision selvage and end alignment technology maximize material utilization, and an intelligent cradle feed system...

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Gerber Technology – Gerber Spreader XLs

GERBER TECHNOLOGY-GERBER SPREADER XLS The GERBERspreader™ XLs is an affordable automated spreading solution that ensures material rolls are spread without tension and the edges are aligned perfectly. Available in 50 kg (110 lb) and 125 kg (276 lb) models,...

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Gerber Technology – Gerber Cutter DCS 1500

GERBER TECHNOLOGY-GERBER CUTTER DCS 1500 A compact, high-speed, single- or low-ply static table cutting system designed to cut a wide variety of materials. The system is most suited to cutting samples and prototypes or for short production runs....

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Gerber Technology – Gerber Plotter MP

GERBER TECHNOLOGY-GERBER PLOTTER MP Hard-working, intelligent and easy-to-use, this plotter is made to perform—and built to bolster your bottom line. Re-engineered with innovative design enhancements, the GERBERplotter™ MP Series stands ready to meet the...

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Gerber Technology – Gerber Digitizer

GERBER TECHNOLOGY-GERBER DIGITIZER The GERBERdigitizer™ enables you to trace your existing hard patterns for use in AccuMark® and other pattern design software systems. Patterns are immediately available for modification. Digitize patterns...

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Gerber Technology – Accuscan Pattern Digitizing

GERBER TECHNOLOGY-ACCUSCAN PATTERN DIGITIZING AccuScan™ converts hard patterns to digital for use in Gerber’s AccuMark® pattern design, grading and marker making software system. Users can capture patterns with a high-quality digital camera or scanner....

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Gerber Technology – Silhouette Table

GERBER TECHNOLOGY-SILHOUETTE TABLE You use the patented Silhouette™ table just like a tablet: draw or trace images onto it, and they are automatically converted to digital patterns which can then be used to make markers/nests instantly. Design...

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Gerber Technology – Virtek Laser QC

GERBER TECHNOLOGY-VIRTEK LASER QC Virtek LaserQC inspection system uses lasers to ensure accuracy and quality control. Virtek® LaserQC® is a rapid inspection system that employs lasers to measure the accuracy of two-dimensional parts to tolerances within...

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Gerber Technology – Virtek Projection Workstation

GERBER TECHNOLOGY-VIRTEK PROJECTION WORKSTATION The stainless steel workstation is highly mobile, easy to use, and loaded with ample storage space. A fully functioning multi-use workstation with adjustable projection mast that is compatible with all of...

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Gerber Technology – Virtek Iris SPS

GERBER TECHNOLOGY-VIRTEK IRIS SPS Virtek laser projectors work with or without targets for projection. The Virtek Iris™ Spatial Positioning System (SPS) offers advanced software created to guide you through the assembly process, the Iris system uses the...

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Gerber Technology – Gerber Cutter DCS 2500

GERBER TECHNOLOGY-GERBER CUTTER DCS 2500 The GERBERcutter® DCS 2500 computer controlled cutting system is a high-speed, single- or low-ply static table cutter, designed to cut a wide variety of materials. The GERBERcutter DCS2500 can really cut...

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Gerber Technology – Taurus II Leather Cutter

GERBER TECHNOLOGY-TAURUS II LEATHER CUTTER The Taurus™ II static leather cutting system captures the hide shape and up to four flaw grades in seconds using a digital camera. It then analyzes the image and automatically nests parts to optimize hide yield....

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Gerber Technology – Gerber Cutter Z1

GERBER TECHNOLOGY-GERBER CUTTER Z1 This next-generation automated system is the ultimate cutting solution for single-ply apparel products. The GERBERcutter® Z1 is equipped with GERBERconnect™ remote diagnostics to ensure it’s always in top working order....

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