We understand that implementing a new enterprise-wide software platform that affects all areas of your business can be a daunting task. Take comfort in the fact that we have partnered with hundreds of companies, both small and large, to implement YuniquePLM™. Throughout our 40-year history, we have developed a broad knowledge and deep expertise of the day-to-day product development process and have amassed best practices from the many successful PLM implementations we have managed.

Our experienced staff will provide insights and practical advice that will help your organization realize the full potential of your investment.

Gerber Technology’s modular product lifecycle management suite, designed for the business of fast fashion, enables organizations to embrace a PLM system at their own pace and use it to get the right products to market on time and at the right cost.

Implementation methodology

The benefits of our approach include significantly improved predictability in terms of cost, resources and timing. Whether it’s a small- or large-scale global project, our highly experienced implementation team understands the risks and challenges of implementing a PLM system. And our disciplined and proven project management methodology will help ensure its success.

Business process optimization

We will work with individuals in your organization who are most knowledgeable about your unique processes to identify and map the existing processes in your product development lifecycle. Once “current state” processes have been identified, we apply our knowledge of industry best practices to develop practical “future state” processes that will work best with the systems and the people in your organization.

Risk management

An important aspect of our project management methodology is risk management. Any project involves risk. Our approach is to identify risk early in the project lifecycle and work with your project team to mitigate those risks. The highest risks are the ones that go unidentified. Our experienced project managers not only help uncover project risks, but provide practical, proven approaches to mitigate those risks.

Custom development

Our YuniquePLM software is highly configurable. Most implementations can be successfully accomplished using the numerous configuration options that are available in our system. Where it is deemed that some custom development is needed for a particular implementation to ensure end user adoption, our development staff is ready to assist.


Organizations will invest in several best-of-class systems to accomplish different business objectives. This creates a heterogeneous IT landscape in which it is important to manage the flow of data from one system to another. A tight integration of systems to support supply chain visibility and agility is of paramount importance to a fashion company’s profitability. Our strategic partnership with Geometric Ltd. provides our customers with a unique combination of expertise. Geometric’s unique implementation methodology helps accelerate PLM integrations by 20-25 percent using a combination of tools, techniques and intellectual assets. With Geometric as a Certified Services Partner, Gerber’s PLM software suite will enable companies to link functionalities and geographies across their supply chain to enable efficiency and speed-to-market.